34th Infantry Division “Red Bulls” (USA)

As a member of United States 34th Infantry Division in Northern Italy on the Gothic Line, you are a part of one of the most well equipped armies involved in the conflict.  You may be a veteran of multiple campaigns, or a fresh replacement. The war in Italy arrives to the Gothic Line in summer of 1944, and unknowingly you will spend until the end of the war fighting in this rugged terrain. The invasion of France has only just begun, and no one yet knows the outcome of that daring escapade. The Allies stopped pouring divisions into Italy as plans for Operation Overlord were being made, and resources diverted to England for the coming invasion. However, your day to day experience still pits you in an uphill battle against the tenaciously dug in Italian and German defenders that have continuously fought for every inch of Italy. A long, and difficult battle awaits you, but you have the power of American industry behind you!

The US Infantry Company is a versatile formation on the battlefield, with each infantryman playing a pivotal role. Below are several of the roles that you may choose to fill in order to help the Allies break through the formidable Gothic Line!

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