What do we do?

The Mission Statement of MARS:

The objective of MARS events is to create an immersive and authentic environment, which seeks to replicate the life of the average infantryman within a company vs company engagement within a specific historical scenario. We accomplish this using authentic equipment and uniforms, airsoft as a medium of combat, establishing correct chains of command, realistic issuance of combat orders, and controlled distribution of munitions and rations.

About Us:

Currently, MARS hosts three events a year. More information can be found in the ‘Events‘ section!

  • The Gothic Line
    • The Gothic Line Training Event
  • Operation Santa Fe

MARS events are focused on authenticity and immersion, using airsoft replicas as a platform to simulate combat. Once you commit yourself to coming to the event, you have agreed to portray a soldier of a certain nation and get the experience of ‘living the life’ in a combat environment for multiple days nonstop. In order to get the full experience, we will expect some commitments from you as a player.

You will need to arrive with all of the required gear for your chosen nation and unit. We provide detailed lists of what you need in authenticity guides and other material, and where you can locate these items. If you ever have difficulty with building a kit please ask on any of our media options, as there is a fantastic MARS community that is happy to help.

Currently the events take place on a field in Leavenworth County near Easton, Kansas. People come from all over the United States and even internationally to the event, and there are many organized group travels. Kansas City International Airport is not far from the field either (~45 minutes), and there are multiple transportation options from the Airport to the field.

We look forward to seeing you out on The Gothic Line set in October, 1944 during WWII – or at Operation Santa Fe set in November, 1967 during the Vietnam War!

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