94. Infanterie-Division (GER)

The German Grenadier has stunned the world. The 71. Infanterie-Division has been at the forefront of every campaign, having been one of the first divisions to cross the so-called “impenetrable” Maginot Line of the French, to being on the forefront of Operation Barbarossa and leading the German 6th Army to the city center of Stalingrad to crush to Bolsheviks. Now, Kameraden, our battle-hardened division and expertise of the German Grenadier has been called to turn our attention to the Südfront to fight back the Allied invaders. The Allies leave a wake of destruction in their path, with unmerciful partisans aiding them. It is up to you, Grenadier, to dig in and push the Allies back into the sea once and for all! 

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