Support the War Effort!

MARS is an event hosted by Reenactors and Airsofters FOR Reenactors and Airsofters. We strive to keep the event costs as low as possible for the attendees and the community, while at the same time providing the most immersive experience we can.

At the After Action Reports of the last several Gothic Line events, you all have asked if there is a way you can help and contribute to some of the projects we create for the event.

This page is still being constructed. The goal is to showcase the projects of the community that we are currently working on, and to provide updates to them. While at the same time offering a place where you can choose to donate, or help in other ways, to the project of your choosing.

Stay tuned!

Custom TAG Bazooka & Panzerschreck Project

Allied Logistics Vehicle (TBD)


Axis Logistics Vehicle (TBD)