Canadian Pistol Holster

REQUIRED – One of the Following:

➢ P-37 Web Holster for Small-Frame Revolver


*Fits the Smith & Wesson “Military & Police” Revolver, Enfield No.2 MkI Revolver, and the Inglis “High Power”.

➢ P-37 Web Holster for Large-Frame Revolver


*Fits the Webley MkVI Revolver.

➢ First & Second Pattern Web Holster for Inglis Pistol

*Fits the Inglis “High Power”.

*All outward facing surfaces and edges must be Blancoed with KG3.

*Make sure that the holster you select is correct for the Pistol you are using!


Recommended Vendors:

  • eBay
    • Canadian Pistol Holsters:
      • Originals can be found quite commonly, make sure that it is the WWII pattern as pictured above.