What do we do?

Midwest Airsoft Reenactment Society LLC, or MARS, is a group of Historical enthusiasts who enjoy reenacting battles from the Second World War using authentic gear and tactics. Comprised of Reenactors, Airsofters, and other like-minded people, we strive to create an Immersive WWII experience.

MARS hosts multi day Full Immersion Historical MilSim events using Airsoft replicas. Currently we are only hosting a WWII event, The Gothic Line. In the future we will branch out into other Historical MilSim events. (Check out our Events on the Events page!)

Our current field, with over 350+ acres, is located in Northeastern Kansas, just north of Fort Leavenworth. It is complete with fortifications, signs, barbed wire fences, and other additions to help create the immersive atmosphere of The Gothic Line.

Join our group to discover more about the events or to just discuss WWII Airsoft within the community. Our Facebook group for discussion can be found at:

You can email us also at:

  • Contact2MARS@gmail.com

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We look forward to seeing you on The Gothic Line!


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